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Kickstarter campaign

Award-winning guitarist/singer/songwriter Barry Flanagan and HAPA have launched a KICKSTARTER campaign to raise production funds for a brand new studio album, and humbly ask for your support.

They've assembled an Award-winning team of Haku Mele Song Writers, Producers, and Engineers. Along with the newest member, Kapono Na'ili'ili, the group will craft a new album which promises to be an instant classic, much like the self-titled debut "HAPA," and the more recent "MAUI" albums.

Please make a contribution to this fantastic project. There are exciting Rewards to choose from, including limited edition merchandise and exclusive experiences. Your contribution to the campaign and help to spread the word means the world to HAPA, and may result in another Award-winning release!

Mahalo in advance for your kokua!

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"Barry and myself decided that our mission statement and driving force with HAPA were two things : To perpetuate a Polynesian language that nearly died in the 1970's, and to totally change the way the world perceives Hawaiian Music"

-Charles Ka'upu WAMU 88.5 Radio Show "Art Beat With Lauren Landau" - Washington, D.C. January 1999

Hapa Tour


Living Room Concert Series

WHAT : LIVING ROOM CONCERT SERIES : An intimate "up close" concert in your living room.

WHEN : Available dates around the group's yearly tour schedule

How many Guests may attend : This would be house-specific, usually anywhere from 20 to 50 or more guests, depending on size of living room or backyard in months that permit.

Technical Requirements : FOR SOUND : In Hawaii, the group will provide sound. Outside Hawaii, a small professional sound system will have to be provided. FOR LIGHTING : A nice tall lamp with a working light bulb.

The idea : These "House Parties" are not a new creation from Hawaii, they actually have been happening for a few years now all over the US and Europe. It gives fans a chance to get up close and personal with their favorite artist in a smaller, "unplugged" and more intimate setting.

SEND A REQUEST EMAIL TO : Leslie Flanagan : lyadao@hapa.com for more details and Barry and HAPA's available dates around their touring schedule.

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